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Don't Escape 2


Created by: Robot Smrdis
Rating: 3.5 from 5
Published: 2015-02-03
Game Plays: 781


When the undead attacked we were not ready. Thinking back, we were never fully ready for this. The entire outbreak began over two weeks ago and it's been getting worse ever since. This time, we have barely made it. We got away, but Bill got bite. We both knew what that meant... We decided to stay in this abandoned building for a while. We necessary for rest and sleep. A giant horde of the living dead is coming this way... They will reach us in the sunset. I have to lock this place up before that happens and maybe-just maybe-I will live to see another day. Like part 1 of Don't Escape, instead of breaking free from the room you have to lock themselves in. This time around you're not alone-there are people around that can help you if you help them. Explore different sites and find the things you need to secure your hideaway. Just know of the passing time... The undead horde is approaching and they won't wait forever for you to be ready... Controls Use mouse to interact with the environment. The inventory is from the top edge of the screen. Click on the clock to finish the game when you think you are ready.



Jan. 15, 2015, midnight

Fun game , good concept and good execution .
+ -



Jan. 26, 2015, midnight

No doubt one of the best games on hiddenoctopus
+ -



Jan. 1, 2015, midnight

This is one of the best Adventure & RPG games i 've played in months !
+ -



Feb. 1, 2015, midnight

Maybe too hard sometimes ... but great game .
+ -



Jan. 7, 2015, midnight

this is a good game
+ -



Jan. 17, 2015, midnight

It was expected to be released in 2012 but now it is expected to be released in 2013 January .
+ -



Jan. 25, 2015, midnight

This game is absolutely perfect .
+ -



Jan. 27, 2015, midnight

Love it , Awesome game - so professional ... Need a ton more maps , You can totally expand on this game
+ -


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