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Ender Story: Chapter 1


Created by: Robot Smrdis
Rating: 3.5 from 5
Published: 2015-02-03
Game Plays: 441


Erion is a guard at the frontier of the country of Ederra, so it weighs heavy on him when a group of men force their way past claiming that they have business with the King. He took it upon myself to track these people down and put a stop to their "business" before any harm comes to Ederra. There is only a few days between the castle and the outpost where Erion and his superior, Graden, is stationed. Make your way through the village of Hashire, fight your way through Darkhart Forest, reaching the town of Shorik and maybe go a step even further into the depths of the castle. Along the way, other people need your help and you can choose whether they're worth your time or not. Will you help them like a good knight or will you screw them over to benefit your own goals? You choose. ________ After a long process of development, the first chapter in the Ender Story story is here. The the main goal of this game is to set the scene and get you used to the mechanics of the game. You will be able to transfer your save file over to the next game to reflect choices you make and the items you put into your bank will also make their way into the next game.



Jan. 9, 2015, midnight

You know a game is good when you are n't playing it for the Badges !
+ -



Jan. 8, 2015, midnight

still one of the best , does n't matter how manny times play it through
+ -



Jan. 8, 2015, midnight

Definitely my favorite game on hiddenoctopus.com !
+ -



Jan. 26, 2015, midnight

This Game ?s AWESOME : D
+ -



Jan. 14, 2015, midnight

Fun game : D
+ -


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