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Reactance 2


Created by: Robot Smrdis
Rating: 3.5 from 5
Published: 2015-03-26
Game Plays: 761


A quick top-down shooter game with tons of upgrades and challenge enemies. : Updates: v 1.05-The game will now pause when you move the mouse off screen. I wish I had known about this feature before. v 1.04 Added an option to switch between using the shift or the left mouse button to use focus. Fixed unlimited RP exploit. v 1.03-Enemies will stand out more in the black and white style. If you are color blind and having problems seeing the enemy against the background, you can try to use that. However, it does render slower in this mode. Fixed some other, minor bug fixes as well. v 1.02-More game/owner balance (including Hyperion). Fixed a few minor textual errors. v 1.01-Lowered Hyperion's HP and increased her time between attacks. Lowered boss HP in the Boss Run level. Made the hitbox graphic more visible. show less


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